Tuesday, November 3, 2009

E-toys Activity

Our year 10 control tech class has been doing activities on a proggrame called E-toys in sugar for about last 2 weeks.

We had lots of different activities to do but I have chossed to blog about random racing because i thought this was the best activity. In this activity i had to draw two cars and race them by giving commands with random speed and we had to add a timer for it to check how much seconds it takes the car to finish the race. It was hard doing it but after i took help of MR Kerr and my class mates i got it. This was the best activity thought and it was really very fun doing it.

Thats what activity looked like and even i have script for it.

I enjoyed using E-toys and it was fun using it.

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  1. 6/8
    Good but could be improved by explaining how the scripts work