Monday, August 10, 2009

First Impression

I thought that XO is great because its small, easy to use. Some of the activities are fun and some are different like physics its fun because u can create all different types of games. But I don't like keypads of Xo because it's small.

Joel stanley

Mr. Kerr had organised for a guest speaker to come into our class and talk about the XO. This guy was Joel Stanley. Mr.Kerr decided to let us ask the questions and then Joel will answer them while we take notes. In this blog I will be writing some of the questions.
1 What are you currently doing now?
A.1 Right now I am currently studying Computer Systems Engineering at Adelaide University.
2 Why did you choose to do Computer Systems Engineering?
A.2 I decided to do this course when my school decided to go on a tour around different universities and campuses in Year 10 and I found that computer engineering interested me a lot.
3 How did you learn to touch type?
A.3 I learnt like most other teenagers by using MSN (Windows Live Messenger, an online chatting program).
4 How much is XO?
A.4 Xo is about 150 U.S dollar.
5 How are you apart of the XO project?
A.5 I help make and develop the XOs. I also bake XOs in a pie oven which we bought off EBay at 65 degrees Celsius.
6 Why 65 degrees?
A.6 This is to test that the XO will be able to survive in hot temperatures. Third world countries, their temperature can sometimes reach up to 65 degrees.
7 How long have you been a part of this Project?
A.7 I worked on this project for about 10 weeks.
8 On XO what are the two things on top?
A.8 On Xo the two things on are called Antenna.

I really enjoyed this double lesson and It was helpfull beacuse I learned more things about XO.